Desktop Accounting Software for Property Owners

Unlimited Tenancies

£15.00 + VAT / month

I made the plunge to buy a Mac and subscribed to Accountz. What comes across is the fantastic customer service and usability which is simple to use across 3 business’s. It lets me see how profitable each property is and I have found that there is simply nothing Accountz can’t do.

Neil Stockdale - Private Landlord

I was impressed with how intuitive the system appeared but what makes Accountz stand out is the telephone support offered. It is some of the best customer support I have ever experienced. I now spend 30min a month on my accounts, they are accurate to the penny and I have reduced my accountancy costs.

David Nicholls - TFL Northern Investment Portfolio

Unlimited tenancies

We don’t feel the need to restrict the growth potential for a landlord. Our accounting software for landlords enables you to monitor an unlimited amount of tenants with no price increases

Automatically inputs transactions

You don’t have to input the same transactions month after month. Landlord Accountz does the hard work for you, any recurring transactions can be easily set up and are then entered automatically

Alerts you to late rental payments

Nothing is worse than keeping track of who owes you money. Our landlord accounting software will keep track of and alert you to any late payments, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the nicer things in life

Submits vat returns and gives you info for self-assessment

Submit your VAT returns directly to HMRC through your landlord accounting software. Whether you are standard accrual, cash accounting or Flat Rate, it’s an extremely easy process. It will even provide you with the figures you need to submit your self-assessment tax return

Profit and loss for unlimited different properties

Our software lets landlords monitor each of their properties’ finances within it’s own cost centre.This makes it easy to spot properties which are not performing so you can make the right decisions to make your portfolio more profitable

Bookkeeping advice

Get free email advice on how to manage your accounts from our bookkeepers. We have been helping people manage their books for over 20 years and are always happy to pass on what we have learned. There is also an optional paid for telephone support service available. We make sure running your books is as simple as possible


About Us

Landlord Accountz is a product from Accountz Ltd. We provide a range of accounting software solutions and have been developing accounting software for over 20 years!

Based in the UK we are a British company which provides outstanding support to our users, when you call us you get straight through to a real person. No machines, no robots and no headaches.

The company was founded by Chartered Accountant John Talbot (FCA) who has dealt with some of the largest businesses in the UK, giving him the knowledge required to create a programme that is simple yet powerful to help a business of any size.



The advanced reporting in the landlord accounting software puts you at the forefront of your finances. It’s not just accounting software, it’s a full property management system.

Closely monitor your expenses and income, keep an eye on who owes you money and how much you are due to pay in VAT. Most importantly, run profit and loss, nominal ledger, trial balance and balance sheet reports.


Privacy and Security

Our aim is to ensure our clients’ data is always accessible and, most importantly, confidential and secure. Landlord Accountz is a desktop based app which is NOT dependent on the internet and will NEVER share your data with any third party.

We do however, offer optional online features at no extra cost such as Online Backup and multiple access locations. These files are secured by a 256 BIT SSL encryption at all times.

Due to the nature of Accountz being a desktop application, you can even work offline and then upload your data to the secure online backup server at a convenient time. Of course these online features are completely optional!